Our mission

In times where digital is considered to be the easy option, we cherish and propagate the poetical beauty of analogue universe. Analogue photography far after the 2000’s digital revolution has managed to attract new generations of people that all share the passion for the beauty of film. It’s grain, its imperfection, the way how the light is rendered and maybe also the challenge of correcting colors and contrast during scanning makes film itself a master of a craft. It has proven that in a digital age crafts will never die.

We are not making a statement against digital, we use the goods like 3d printing technology to manufacture specific parts for repair and upgrade of analogue camera’s  and we also specialize on analogue film. Our aim is to offer the widest spectrum of currently available film and to teach, to teach about the almost endless possibilities of analogue film, the wide range of possibilities of how to make prints. We hope this will inspire people to master the craft of photography and develop their own signature.

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